Where Can I Fly For A Luxury Honeymoon? 20+ Expert advice

What is the most luxurious destination visited by travel experts, and why do they think anyone else should consider it for an unforgettable honeymoon?
Where Can I Fly For A Luxury Honeymoon? 20+ Expert advice

Bora Bora

I just got back from Bora Bora last week and I must say, despite the very long journey from NYC, it’s absolutely worth it - one of the most romantic and picturesque places I’ve visited and most definitely a bucket-list destination that’s a very worthy splurge for a honeymoon.

My client, The St. Regis Bora Bora, oozes romance — boasting the largest overwater villas in French Polynesia, 44 tropical acres and a private Lagoonarium with its unforgettable view of majestic Mount Otemanu, the resort is also home to Bora Bora’s best restaurant, the infamous Lagoon by Jean George with its melding of Polynesian, Asian and French cuisines. Couples may opt to start the day with the resort’s signature Canoe Breakfast from their villa, then grab their bikes (every guest gets their own) to head to the pool or beach to lounge or enjoy an array of water-sports including kayaking, paddle-boarding and jet skiing. Later in the day, the spa, located on its own private island in the Lagoon, awaits with indulgent treatments including 24 carat gold couples massages. For more over-the-top romance, a helicopter fly-over the nearby heart-shaped island of Tupai can be arranged.

This is included in The St. Regis Bora Bora’s Black Pearl Romance Getaway that just launched last month. The Black Pearl Romance Getaway can be booked as a honeymoon — or couples can contact the resort to curate their honeymoon with their own selection of activities and romantic experiences such as sunset sails, dinners on a private island by candlelight, the St. Regis infamous Champagne sabering ceremony and so much more.

Bali or Canada

I actually have two options that I would choose based on my own experiences there. Both were luxurious, both were with my husband and both incredibly memorable.


If a honeymoon should be an unforgettable experience then a stay at the Viceroy Bali in Ubud, Bali has to be considered.

Personal villas, private pools, private teak platforms that overlook the Valley of the Kings. Rosebud couple baths and sublime food and beverage offerings. Every need is tended to by seemingly invisible staff.


For an experience that is hauntingly memorable a stay at Fogo Island Inn also ranks. The beauty of the island, the incredible design of the inn itself, the calm and beauty of the rooms that offer stunning views of an ever tumultuous ocean. The delivery of fresh pastries to your room in the morning, the delicious farm-to-table lunches and dinners, the spirited singers and musicians, the dark skies with the myriad of stars. It all makes for an incredibly romantic experience at one of the four corners of the Earth.


I visited this beautiful country located in South Asia back in 2019, and I believe this country is the perfect destination for an unforgettable honeymoon. The vibrant culture, pristine beaches, sprawling greenery, and fascinating landmarks made it into an experience of a lifetime for me. It's undoubtedly a perfect romantic destination and, I didn't have to go far to find a bit of peace and quiet here with so many beaches to choose from. With picture-perfect beaches, lush tropical surroundings, delicious food, and luxurious villas, the Maldives is an amazing destination for newly wedded couples to have a wonderful time and take fantastic photos.

For many, including myself, there's nothing more romantic than a tropical island getaway. The entire place felt like an unspoiled paradise and many resorts offer a whole host of romantic experiences. When it comes to dining, think cocktails and dancing at sunset, private picnics on nearby deserted islands, and romantic candlelit dinners under the stars. If you're adventurous like me, there are yacht charters, dolphin-watching expeditions, and plenty of opportunities to snorkel in the shallows.

Can you really look past *The Seychelles?*

The Seychelles archipelago is by far one of the most luxurious honeymoon destinations in the world. Think palm-lined, white sand beaches dropping into crystal clear, turquoise waters.

Islands like Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue have long been a favorite destination for honeymooners due to the islands' exceptional five-star resorts and tranquil atmosphere. These Seychelles islands typically appeal to a luxury crowd, offering vibrant fine dining strips and all-inclusive spa and massage parlours.

For the adventurous newlyweds, there's plenty to explore. From jungle nature trails to far-flung, isolated beaches like Anse Major. Other highlights include island hopping, snorkeling, scuba diving, and coming face to face with the endemic Aldabra Giant Tortoise.

The archipelago is open to international tourism, and its international airport with direct flights from Dubai make it not only an amazing luxury destination, but also a convenient location to spend the honeymoon of a lifetime.

Cruise aboard BluReverie Catamaran in San Francisco

We think our 3-day, 2-night cruise aboard BluReverie Catamaran in San Francisco is one of the most romantic destinations for a honeymoon ever!

Guests will experience a luxurious 48 foot catamaran and all-inclusive dinner and drinks. We will sail in the San Francisco Bay, 360 degree views of the San Francisco skyline, hiking, biking, or relaxing on the beach at Angel Island (only accessible by boat), and spending a peaceful night in their private cabins at anchor. If guests feel up for it, we will show them an insider tour of the inner workings of the boat and even have them participate on a few tasks hands-on!

Ever since we picked up BluReverie in 2021 brand new built in France, we have loved hosting our guests and sharing with them this unique experience. We believe this is a very romantic getaway experience in California perfect for sharing with a loved one.

Seychelles for a Luxurious honeymoon

I will suggest taking a trip to Seychelles for a Luxurious honeymoon, newlyweds love that destination.

Why won't they love it? It has a blue ocean, it gives paradise vibes and it is a very unique destination that will give you a unique experience.

Santorini, Greece

Flying for a luxury honeymoon is possible in many places. From culture-rich cities to relaxing tropical beaches, Santorini in Greece offers a luxurious honeymoon. With its gorgeous sunsets, rich Greek food, and romantic hotels, Santorini, Greece, is almost tailor-made for recently married couples. Couples can relax on red and black sand beaches before visiting ancient ruins at Ancient Akrotiri and Ancient Thira. Wine lovers will enjoy sampling wine at the island's wineries, and boaters may wish to take a catamaran cruise around the caldera.

Bora Bora, the Maldives, and Hawaii

There are a number of destinations that can offer luxury honeymoons, but some of the most popular include Bora Bora, the Maldives, and Hawaii. Each destination has its own unique charms that can make your honeymoon unforgettable.

Bora Bora is known for its overwater bungalows and lush landscapes. The Maldives is home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. And Hawaii is one of the most diverse states in the US, with something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach getaway or an adventure-filled escape, there's a destination waiting for you.

Hawaiian Islands

One of the best luxury resorts for honeymoons is Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa on Hawaii’s Kauai Island. The location can’t be beat, with its lush, tropical grounds and gorgeous views in every direction. You’ll have several options for rooms, from the Presidential Suite to their 1,500 square-foot Royal Suite with an oversized master bath, wine chiller, and reading nook. You can spend your time relaxing in the saltwater lagoon, receiving a massage at Anara Spa, or playing a round of championship golf. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Guadalajara, Mexico

While most people think of beaches when they think of luxury honeymoons, I also really enjoy visiting a city for a luxury honeymoon experience. For those of us in America, there is luckily a fairly new luxury hotel in Guadalajara, Mexico, making it one of the more convenient destinations.

You can explore the city while enjoying the amenities that the Casa Fayette offers. Given that it's in Mexico, the prices are also slightly more affordable, without skimping on the luxury.

Mediterranean island of MALTA

My pick for the best solo luxe travel destination in 2022 perfect for anyone planning a honeymoon or any special trip with their significant other is the Mediterranean island of MALTA - found just under Sicily and above the coast of Africa. A fascinating location that literally has something for everyone - from beautiful beaches and palm trees and unmatched nightlife - to an incredible 6000 plus years of recorded history - in Malta you can walk in an entire city that is a Unesco world heritage site, visit beautiful baroque churches, ride with your partner in a romantic horse and carriage through narrow streets, sleep in a medieval hotel or a five star modern luxe space, and see prehistoric and neolithic temples, enjoy delicious food, and do it all on an island where sustainable travel is a priority. Making it easy for English speakers because of the recent British history of the island, many signs are in English and everybody speaks the language. The island is over 92 percent vaccinated and the Maltese people are also known for being super friendly! It's the perfect getaway for these times!

Hotel Three Sixty in Ojochal, Costa Rica

Our hotel is extremely popular with honeymooners due to the romantic setting and being an adults-only hotel. We are currently ranked in the top 3 hotels in all of Costa Rica. Our website is here:

Seductive Sardina!

Sardinia is called the last paradise on the earth for many reasons. The enchantment and charm of this region in the heart of the Mediterranean is ideal for a luxury honeymoon. Offering an array of captivating endless coastlines and secluded beaches. It has a variety of luxurious seaside resorts, many with private beaches, and perfect weather all year round.

There's choice. From the famous Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast), and Porto Cervo in the north, ideal for those who crave super-yachts, glitz and glamour - it's known as the playground of the rich & famous. To others seeking the slower relaxed pace of a barefoot eco luxury experience of secluded natural beauty where the focus is on health and wellness.

Sardinian VIP hospitality is friendly, tranquil and discrete, ensuring every luxury is anticipated and catered for.

If you're a food and wine connoisseur, a curated gourmet luxury sojourn encapsulates the tastes and senses of Sardinia, with artisan agri-table cuisine encompassing all the key elements of the Italian La Dolce Vita.

Sardinia has one of the world's blue-zones (there are only three), where centenarians live longer due to the pecorino cheese and famous red wine or so we’re told. Sardinia is so much more...

We offer our discerning honeymooners a first-class experience on their Sardinian sojourn. Created by local insiders, this includes a luxury lifestyle experience of select boutique accommodation, epicurean cuisine, tailored hand-crafted activities, private yacht charters, and concierge service and 24/7 support.

Bound Beyond Luxury

For couples who are looking for something more exclusive (and a little more secluded), arguably the most alluring trait of the Maldives is its impeccable ability to consistently exceed expectations. The ultraluxe Maldives, designed exclusively for the highest of society, is a next-level experience sure to surpass any dream or desire.

Maldives because of its beautiful beaches

Personally speaking, I, together with my family, loves to travel and fly to beautiful places anywhere in the world. This is why I have experienced being in a place that is perfect for a luxury honeymoon. As for me, the best place for a luxury honeymoon is in the Maldives because of its beautiful beaches with floating houses. This place is very romantic which makes your honeymoon memorable and unforgettable.

Two honeymoon suggestions for people who prefer a more unusual experience

Sunny beaches and lazy afternoons don’t appeal to everyone. I have two honeymoon suggestions for people who prefer a more unusual experience.

My first recommendation is Singular Patagonia Hotel, Puerto Natales, Chile. To me there is nothing more romantic than going to the end of the world together. Patagonia is a unique destination with extraordinary views. The hotel itself is set in a former plant. It’s a National Monument and incorporates a museum of antique machinery. The rooms overlook stunning fjords, and the restaurant serves Patagonian cuisine with a gourmet twist, paired with regional wines. The spa facilities are also great, especially after a day at Torres del Paine National Park (a 2-hour drive away and not to be missed).

My second recommendation is the Belmond Royal Scotsman - a journey, not a destination. But it’s perfect for anyone looking for adventure in the land of lochs, glens, castles and whisky distilleries. The overnight train offers luxury accommodation, spa therapies, fine dining and a selection of single malt whiskies. The scenery and the stops along the way are amazing and if you aren’t in love with Scotland when you bord the train, you will be by the end of the journey. You can choose from several itineraries and additional activities (stargazing in the Highlands is unforgettable, I promise).

Maldives - Tanzania Safari


The quintessential destination for a luxurious romantic holiday is the Maldives. A nation of islands in the Indian Ocean, step into a land of spectacular lagoons, reefs that offer bands of colour, tiny jewel-like islands rimmed with the whitest of soft sand surrounded by the clearest shallow waters that one can imagine. With endless secluded stunning beaches to explore, you can either simply relax on the pristine beaches backed by exotic verdure or set out on tropical adventures by the clear blue waters. You will get to indulge in some of the world's finest restaurants, enjoy a wide range of water-sports with private access to beautiful reefs, go island-hopping, experience the famous fish market and shopping in Malé, or try some cycle tours around the various islands.

Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is ideal for couples looking to combine their honeymoon with a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Start in the plains of the Serengeti, stretching out before you and the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro rises like a beacon on the horizon. Tanzania is also defined by its varied cultures, with tribal influences playing a vital role in its essential flavour. There is nothing quite like embarking on a guided walk with a Maasai guide or a trekking expedition with the Hadzabe tribesmen, some of Africa's last remaining hunter-gatherers. Renowned for its natural beauty and abundant wildlife, embark on an unforgettable adventure in Tanzania searching for the African big five. Discover the epic, wildlife-rich Ngorongoro Crater, from the base, where Africa's Big Five can be found, the abundant grasslands slope upwards to meet the rim of the crater, where visitors can gaze down at the plains below. A naturally occurring aerial view, observe as rhinos drink from the watering holes and antelopes gallop whilst listening to the roar of lions and the thundering of herds of elephants in the background. Finish your adventure with some true barefoot luxury on Zanzibar's coast in pure beach bliss. Tropical flora and fauna edge beaches of pristine white sands, lapped by the warm Tiffany-blue waters of the Indian Ocean in this oceanside sanctuary. After days spent immersed in some of the world's most celebrated wildernesses, experiencing thrilling game drives, wildlife encounters and unbridled adventure, settle into the sugar-white sands, with a drink in hand, at your luxury resort. Continue your adventure with ocean activities and underwater quests or simply relax in your paradisal hideaway.

Private island rentals in Belize

This exclusive and exotic experience allows guests to rent a private bungalow-style villa or an entire island to enhance their secluded getaway. Whether planning a romantic getaway, the celebration of a lifetime, or a private retreat with friends, your readers can experience the ultimate tropical escape with The Nightfall Group’s new island rentals.

The three-acre island of Cayo Espanto, located off the coast of Belize, offers seven bungalow-style waterfront villas with all the amenities and services needed for a relaxing vacation. Guests at Cayo Espanto will revel in pampered relaxation, privacy and service. Excursions are also available and include scuba diving, spa treatments, visiting ancient Mayan Ruins, fishing right outside your front door, yachting, enjoying helicopter adventures and so much more. As for dining, you can expect award-winning, five-star world-class cuisine tailored to each guests’ tastes.


The most breathtaking place I have ever been to has to be Maui. There are so many great beaches to explore, excursions to partake in, and delicious local food to try.

Maui would make the absolute best place for a honeymoon whether you book a resort, or decide to stay at an airbnb and book your own activities. It is the best place to be if you love nature, and has some of the best places to surf and snorkel.

This tropical island also has some great historic villages to explore and has a very rich culture. So when you are getting a little too burnt from the sun, you can explore the towns and shops to really get the full Maui experience. It is the perfect place to go with your partner and simply choose relaxing activities each day.

Consider Maldives as a luxurious destination

Amongst all the honeymoon options, I will consider Maldives as a luxurious destination. It is full of the Islands; it roughly has 1200 Islands there. It is well known for its underwater sceneries and the clean and clear water. You can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, watching the dolphins, surfing, paddle boarding, spas etc. There are many reefs located in Maldives as well, Bannana Reef is the most interesting amongst them all. Sand banks, beaches and the tourists’ spots there are amazing. The hotels are very hygienic and clean where you can enjoy for long. It is also one of the best holiday spots since the last few years.

Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

We recommend Jade Mountain for its rooms, service, restaurant manager, food, scuba diving, and excursion-activities.

Introduction - Jade Mountain is St. Lucia's only resort property with the iconic view of both the Piti and Gros Piton mountains floating upon the Caribbean Sea.

The property rises above the private estate of Anse Chastanet with 600 lush tropical acres. Jade Mountain gives access to its sister resort, Anse Chastanet which is a big plus. Guests can enjoy great activities like visiting both beaches on the property. Rooms - Jade Mountain St. Lucia has only 24 rooms they call “sanctuaries.”

They're all different from each other in design but all have an astounding view of St. Lucia's famed Piton Mountains and the Caribbean Sea. All sanctuaries feature 15ft high ceilings and are designed with the 4th wall open to the views while at the same time allowing for complete privacy. Sanctuaries vary from 1,400-1800 square feet with private infinity pools ranging from 450 square feet to 900 square feet. There are no televisions, radio, or telephone in all sanctuaries. Service - The service is exceptional. For anything, you call the butlers or Major-Domos, and they will get it done.

The Major-Domos are always available during their shifts and never miss a single detail. You want to order food or drinks? They will bring it to the room. Reservations for Jade Mountain Club? They will take care. Want to book a spa treatment? They will take care. There is a separate menu for room service, and the food is amazing - because it comes from the Jade Mountain Club restaurant kitchen. Everyday guests receive a Bento box of delicious fresh treats in the fridge and in the evening when guests return from dinner the beds are turned down and the cozy welcoming lighting is turned on.

Restaurant Manager - The restaurant manager and sommelier goes out of his way every night to select the most amazing wines and make your stay truly memorable. He goes table to table, making sure every guest is receiving personal attention. Food - There are essentially three restaurants: Jade Mountain Club, Treehouse, and Trou au Diable Beach. Jade Mountain Club is the only restaurant in Jade Mountain, and it is the best by far. The other two are from the Anse Chastanet.

Trou au Diable Beach turns into an Indian restaurant, Apsara for dinner. Most guests have dinner every evening at the Jade Club restaurant at the top of the resort, and it is absolutely amazing!! The service is as good as any 5 star restaurant, and the dinner menu is changed daily, and there is never a dish which is not thoroughly enjoyed. Scuba Diving - If you scuba dive, the resort’s dive operation, is second to none.

Resort Dive Personnel always provide with a wonderful experience and take guests to beautiful reefs filled with all kinds of interesting sea life. Master Divers know just how to find fascinating creatures and at all times kept safety in mind.

Activities - • Discover Chocolate • Volcano and Sulphur Springs • Botanical garden • Guided Snorkel • Half Day Sail

The Maharajah of Alwar, Amanbagh in India

Once the hunting camp and pleasure garden of the Maharajah of Alwar, Amanbagh in India is now a luxurious palace that offers accommodations befitting a royal. It provides a romantic and verdant oasis amidst the desert landscapes of Ajabgarh.

Couples on a honeymoon getaway will especially love staying in one of the grand suites with garden views as well as pool pavilions with decadent marble bathrooms.

Amanbagh features countryside adventures by camel carts, horsebacks, and even elephant rides! With the help of the hotel staff, couples can explore the ancient mosques, temples, and other tourist spots nearby. They can also learn new skills together by taking one of the cooking classes offered by the hotel.

There is an on-site dining courtyard as well, where Indian and Western cuisine is served by the poolside. Couples can also conclude their relaxing getaway by availing themselves of spa services that include Ayurvedic treatments.

The Maldives

There is a reason why most of the resorts here in the Maldives are 5-stars. Some even higher than that. Being on an island in the middle of the world, where you feel like nobody can bother you or ask you to work, where the only thing that matters is you and your partner's happiness. The best chefs (and gourmet cuisine), the best linens and furniture, and service that money can buy - only at the Maldives.

It’s hard to deny the romance of Niagara Falls

The falls are just as delightful at night as they are during the day, thanks to the dramatic lighting that changes with the seasons and holidays. Niagara Falls is home to several nearly immersive experiences like the Journey Behind the Falls and the Maid of the Mist boat tour, where you’ll get soaked while getting as close as possible to the falls from different perspectives. The nearby Butterfly Conservatory is home to over 2,000 gloriously delicate and colorful butterflies. I thought it would be boring, but it ended up being the highlight of our trip. We could have spent the whole day in the conservatory basking in the warmth and beauty.If you want a luxury honeymoon, a room with a view of the falls is a must. The Fallsview Hilton boasts suites with spectacular views and luxurious amenities. The Watermark Restaurant sits atop the hotel. Its floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of natural light and provide stunning scenic views in every direction, including a jaw-dropping view of both American and Horseshoe falls.

reStays Ottawa

reStays Ottawa offers a new kind of stay for couples on their honeymoon, where they will be offered an authentic and luxurious local experience that is so much more than a hotel. First, the location- Ottawa may not be top of mind when you think of luxurious honeymoon destinations, but it should be!

reStays is the ideal home-base for lovers to wander Ottawa's beautiful downtown core; it gives you the option of walking the canal, exploring Byward Market, or trying one of the many nearby fine dining locations.

Now for the amenities - spacious living areas, full kitchens, ensuite laundry, 24/7 concierge and amenities such as a private cinema room, sky lounge, fitness centre and sauna. A quick tip- **Spend an early evening gazing at the parliament buildings sipping champagne in the SkyLounge.

To make your experience that much more romantic, you can get the Lovers' Treat package, which will get prosecco, chocolate strawberries, a bouquet from Luxe Blooms and breakfast for two from Le Moulin De Provence KD, and late checkout.

At reStays, you and your significant other will feel at home and in the lap of luxury at the same time.

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