Formal Gift Ideas: Business Travellers Guide

As a professional, it is nice to consider offering a formal gift. They are great to receive and to offer. Indeed, serious gifts will build trust between professionals. If you travel a lot for business, it may be hard to see your customers and colleagues very often.

Offering them formal gifts, such as a watch or a necktie, will make them remember that you still count on them. Let’s first focus on watches, which is the most common formal gift to offer.

Watches: a great idea for every occasion

Watches are something you wear every day. If you have already received one, you may remember the gratitude you felt. You feel respected and trusted. Those values are necessary for business. On the other hand, if you consider offering one watch to every customer, you do not want to ruin yourself. You must adjust the price range well.

Too cheap would give a stingy image of you. Too expensive would make the customers feel uncomfortable. We cannot help you with the choice range, it must be calculated in function of your role, your place in the hierarchy, and so on.

If you need inspiration to choose watches, we advise you to check more content on the Internet. Instagram is a great network to find inspiration. Indeed, there are tons of watches collectors in the world. They all meet up on virtual groups to exchange on their favourite pieces.

Le Paris Watch Club is an example between many. On this account, you will find  gift inspiration   for every price range. Some are expensive, others are cheap. The model is always detailed in the picture’s description.

Le Paris Watch Club

Other formal gift ideas

If the watches do not inspire you, it is fine. There are other formal gifts. First, if you do business travel with your associates, you should simply consider inviting them to a restaurant, or to drink a glass. It is still a gift, even if nothing is offered. It is a good occasion to relax from work and get to know your co-workers better.

On the other hand, if you do not want to take that much time for a gift and simply send something, you should consider looking for neckties. Just like for watches, there are necktie’s collector groups on the Internet. They are not as developed as the watch’s groups, but you will find them without trouble.

For a woman, neckties can work too, but are not fashionable for now. Jewellery could work but the woman’s husband may get mad if someone else offers such gifts to his wife. Once again,  womens watches   may be the best option.

In case the gift is for a frequent traveller, consider offering them an  airport lounges   subscription, so they can visit lounges every time they are waiting to catch a flight.

A hygiene kit for travel adapted to current situation and to the recipient can also be given to both a man or a woman and can make a unique impression of personal care.


Building trust is important in teamwork. Offering gifts is a way to improve it between the team members. They will feel like they owe you something and will be proud to be part of the team. It is all positive and it is hard to get wrong on this point.

If you are afraid to offer the gift, consider asking to the person first. Of course, surprise effect is always much better, but sometimes it can make people feel uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some appropriate and thoughtful formal gift ideas for business travelers, and how can these gifts be beneficial for their travels?
Formal gift ideas include quality travel accessories like leather passport holders, noise-cancelling headphones, and portable chargers. These gifts are beneficial for enhancing comfort, organization, and productivity during travel.

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