How To Pay With Transfer (Przelew) In Poland Without A Polish Account?

Ordering in Poland with money transfer payment

Yesterday, I ordered online fresh fruits in Poland‌ and was expecting to pay with credit card at reception. However, the delivery man arrived and told me he don't have a terminal for credit card payment.

He offered to pay in cash, but the invoice was higher than the cash I got with me (who's got cash with him nowadays?), so instead he offered to pay only with Przelew, which I accepted.

But, as I don't have a local Polish Bank Account, I am generally not able to make a local money transfer‌ payment, or Przelew. So, what is Przelew and how to pay with money transfer‌ in Poland without a Polish account?

Spoiler alert: I did get delivered and managed to pay online!

What is Przelew?

A lot of services in Poland can only be paid via bank transfer, locally called Przelew, and necessitates usually to have a local bank account available to do this transfer in the local currency, the Polish Zloty PLN.

Przelew: Direct money transfer local currency, Polish Zloty PLN

For example, it is the preferred way of paying for general services such as your electricity bill, your phone abonment or your Internet connection.

However, even if you are not residing in the country, it is possible to pay online with Przelew and order local services such as fresh fruits in Poland‌ and pay online with Przelew, by using the standard local same currency money transfer‌ with TransferWise.

Follow the detailed guide for a full example - and see how I ordered amazing fresh fruits in Poland‌ and vegetables online in the evening, and got delivered the next day morning!

1. Get a Polish wallet

First of all, if you do not have a TransferWise‌ account yet, you might want to create one - for free.

TransferWise‌ is a multi currency online banking service that allows you to create wallets in local currencies, in some cases like for USD in United States or EUR in Europe even getting a real local bank account without the hassle of going to the country and filling in the form, and allows you to transfer between currencies with nearly no fee and advantageous transfer rate, store money in these local wallets, and pay online in these currencies, with no conversion fee if you have money available in target currency.

So, the first step is to create a TransferWise‌ account for free, open a Polish Zloty wallet, and get some money on that wallet - but if you don't, you will also be offered to pay for this money transfer‌ with your credit card in any currency you like.

2. Login on your TransferWise account

Now that you have you account up and ready, log on to the TransferWise‌ portal if you haven't done so already.

The TransferWise‌ system allows you to have two profiles, a private one for your own online payments and a business profile that will let you better manage VAT.

Having different profiles also is the best way to get different debit cards for both your personal and your professional payments for free (except card postage fee), and to pay worldwide in any currency you like with close to no currency fee.

Choose the right type of account to use to continue.

3. Do a local currency transfer

Then, to pay a PRZELEW online, simply select the Send Money option to get started with the money transfer‌ process.

In the next screen, select local money transfer, and choose the currency in which you want to perform this money transfer, in our case the PLN Polish Zloty currency.

If you have already performed a money transfer‌ to that business in the past, you should be able to select it from the existing recipients list.

However, if that isn't the case, which is most likely the reason why you are reading my guide, scroll down and select the Business or charity money transfer‌ option to get started.

There, it is very important to select the local bank account option to get started with a Przelew payment.

Enter the business name and the local bank account number, which is a 26 digits IBAN without the Polish prefix PL.

4. Finalize and pay

You will then be asked to review details of your transfer and make sure that all is correct - no worries yet, you will still be able to perform any change you like in the next screen if anything isn't right.

Before finishing the transfer, you will be asked to select the money transfer‌ type, which is the mean of payment of the Przelew from your side.

You will be given choice between these options:

  • Balance transfer, if you have enough money in your wallet, for 3.30 Polish Zloty,
  • Credit or Debit card payment, that will cost you 3.72PLN in fees,
  • Low cost transfer, in which case a transfer from another bank or payment system will cost you 3.42 PLN.

After having select the currency to use and made sure that all is right, hit the Finish and pay button.

You will mostly be requested to enter your password in order to validate the payment. This extra layer of security might not appear if the beneficiary of the money transfer‌ has been previously used and validated.

And that's all! Your money transfer‌ should be taken care of, and usually can take a few hours.

You will even be asked to skip future approval for money transfer‌ requests for that beneficiary if that wasn't the case already, which will prevent the system from requesting your password for future similar payments to the same beneficiary.

The bottom line

Using the TransferWise‌ system, you will be able to perform a low cost Przelew payment in Poland, a local Polish Zloty money transfer‌ to a local bank account, but it will cost more than a standard Polish to Polish bank transfer that would be free.

If you are given the opportunity, it usually is cheaper to pay online with credit card than with this kind of bank transfer, as the credit card fee typically is 1PLN, and the Przelew payment from another bank account costs 3.3PLN, or 3.3 times more.

However, that's a great way to get around the payment systems that only allow for Przelew, and that a foreigner can't access without a local bank account - in some cases, paying a Przelew with a local bank account even is necessary to create the documents necessary to get a local bank account!

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