PCR Test In Warsaw: 14 Locations

What is a PCR test and why should you do one?

Many location now require a negative PCR test to let you enter their territory through various travel means, such as public transport including planes, buses and trains, or sometimes even with personal vehicles.

While you should always check the latest requirements before planning any travel and double check a few days before leaving, it might be mandatory to present a negative PCR test, which will prove that, at the time of the test, you are not presenting any sign of contagion from the Coronavirus.

What means PCR? PCR stands for "Polymerase Chain Reaction" in English, the plymerase chain reaction being a method to check a DNA sample and study it in detail

The PCR test is currently being seen as the most viable way of checking for Coronavirus positivity, and is the test required for travel needs. RT-PCR simply means RealTime PCR test, meaning that it is using the PCR test to check current level of virus in sample.

What you should not get for travel purposes is a rapid antigenic test, as it only checks for proteins on virus' surface, and neither should you get an antibody test, that would only checks that your blood has previously been infected by COVID-19 and that your immune system has created antibodies. The FRANKD test isn't valid for travel either, but is cheaper and as reliable as the RT-PCR test.

All these tests are not suitable for travel authorization, and the only test valid for travel is the RT-PCR test, for which a certificate of a negative test will be required when crossing the border.

Questions and answers on COVID-19

If you are wondering Where Can I FLY without PCR test, the best is to have a look at the constantly updated and officla Reopen Europa website, for flights within Europe. In most locations, however, you will need a negative PCR test result 48h before flying out.

What is the PCR test Warsaw price? PCR test in Warsaw price range from 300PLN to 540PLN
ReOpen Europa official European Union website with information about where you can fly in Europe

While each testing place offers a different price for their service, the test ultimately is the same, therefore do not hesitate to book an appointement for the cheapest and most convenient PCR test in Warsaw for your personal case.

Another recurring question is should you pay extra to get your RT-PCR or other antigen test result in English? No, you do not need to pay extra to get a test result in English, as the test usually include a line specifying in English that the test had a negative result – however, it might be better to check with the testing center that it will be the case.

Do you need to pay extra for English RT-PCR test result? No, generally there is a result line available in English in the test result in local language

RT-PCR tests in Warsaw

The RT-PCR test results are generally available within 24 hours, and are sent via email for convenience, therefore you only have to go once to the testing center.

But where to do it in Warsaw, and how much does it cost? See below the guide.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 Testing Basics

Map of RT-PCR tests locations in Warsaw

See below the list of test locations in Warsaw to obtain a RT-PCR certificate valid for international travel:

Fast antigenic test in Warsaw

If you do need a fast antigenic test result as well before flying, such as it is now necessary for travels to Amsterdam, these locations are available:

  1. At the airport Mobile Collection Point (MCP), located next to the Marriot Warsaw Airport Hotel entrance, in front of airport’s A terminal: 200PLN / 43EUR / 52USD, result within 20 minutes, no appointment required, opened 4hours before flight departure, closed 40 minutes before last day’s departure
  2. Alab Laboration IgM test: 95PLN / 20€ / $24, results within a day, on appointment only
  3. Medgen fast antigen test: 120PLN / 26€ / $31, results within 2hours, on appointment only
  4. Medicover / Damian medial Antigen test: 142.5PLN / 31€ / $37, results within 15/30 minutes, on appointment only
  5. Luxmed cassette antigen test: 150PLN / 32€ / $38, results within 15minutes, on appointment only

Mobile testing: 300PLN / 65€ / $78

Open everyday from 9am to 5pm, the RT-PCR test offered by the government in Warsaw might be free if you are referred by a physician, otherwise comes with a 300PLN fee, making it the cheapest test of all the ones available in the country.

If you get there before 12, the results will be available within 24 hours, otherwise by 48 hours, therefore make sure to plan your time accordingly.

The test results are then downloadable online, directly from their site.

Government mobile RT-PCR test point:

  • Powsińska 61 Warszawa, Government mobile RT-PCR testing point: 300PLN - 24 to 48h result

Proteon: 350PLN / 76€ / $91

With Proteon self performed test, all you have to do is to order a test, and send it back to them or drop it at a mobile collection point which might change, see information on their website.

The result available in English is valid for travelers, and you can even get a discount, if you order two tests it will go down from 350zl to 315zl, and down to 289zl per test if you order four of them!

They operate both in Warsaw and in Łódź, and also offer packages for enterprises.

Medgen: 400PLN / 87€ / $105

The test goes up to 500PLN with a travel certificate in English, therefore make sure that you are getting the right one, as the standard certificate that they are offering might not be valid for travel.

Medgen RT-PCR test for travel certificate locations:

  • Marki ul. Piłsudskiego 1 Warszawa, Medgen car park of the M1 Shopping Center - 400zl, 24h result
  • Al. Krakowska 61 Warszawa, Medgen Parking lot of Agata Meble Shopping Center - 400zl, 24h result
  • Romualda Traugutta 48 85-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Medgen Grodzisk Mazowiecki at Budokrusz - 400zl, 24h result

Alab laboratoria: 410PLN / 89€ / $107

With a price of 390PLN with 20 or more Zlotys added for download service, the Alab laboratories offer many location for the test in the Polish capital, and all can be booked online.

Alab laboratories RT-PCR test locations:

  • ul. Branicki 10 Warszawa, Alab Laboratoria Branicki: 410PLN, 24h results
  • ul. Dzieci Warszawy 31 Warszawa, Alab Laboratoria DzieciWarszawy: 410PLN, 24h results
  • ul. Gorskiego 6 Warszawa, Alab Laboratoria Gorskiego: 410PLN, 24h results
  • ul. Gen Emila Fieldora 10 (lok.320) Warszawa, Alab Laboratoria Emila Fieldora: 410PLN, 24h results
  • ul. Kaczmarskiego 37 (dawna Modzelewskiego) Warszawa, Alab Laboratoria Kaczmarskiego: 410PLN, 24h results
  • ul. Strumykowa 40A Warszawa, Alab Laboratoria ul. Strumykowa: 410PLN, 24h results

Medicover / Damian medical center: 420PLN / 91€ / $110

Damian medical centers are selling tests performed by Medicover at several locations.

Offering both in location and at home RT-PCR tests, the Medicover offer is large, but generally more expensive than competitors. Results can take up to 48 hours to be available, which might be an issue for travels.

Medicover / Damian medical center RT-PCR test locations:

  • Al. Rzeczypospolitej 5 02-972 Warszawa,CMD Punkt Pobrań Warszawa Al.Rzeczypospolitej: 420PLN - 24 to 48h results
  • Nowolipie 18 01-005 Warszawa,CMD Nowolipie 18: 420PLN - 24 to 48h results

Luxmed: 540PLN / 117€ / $142

Luxmed RT-PCR test location with travel certificate - RT-PCR test is 460PLN with standard certificate instead of travel certificate:

  • ul. 1 Sierpnia 8 Warszawa, CM Luxmed: 540PLN - 24h results
  • PF Warszawa ZIM - Szernera 3 Warszawa, CM Luxmed: 540PLN - 24h results

How to get a free RT-PCR test for travel?

While there is no work-for-everyone solution, if you are paying for a health or travel insurance, they might actually refund your RT-PCR test in some specific situations, such as getting a necessary test to go back home from abroad, or getting a mandatory RT-PCR test for business purposes.

For example, if you are a French citizen or registered to French social security, you will get any RT-PCR test fully refunded up to 60€, which in most cases should nearly cover the RT-PCR test price, the cheapest PCR test in Warsaw price being at 300PLN, or 68€, of which 60€ can be refunded in France if you adhered to French social security – read more below in French.

Covid-19: what coverage for screening tests carried out abroad? - French social security, AMELI official information

However, each situation is different, so make sure to check with your own insurance if they don’t take in charge your RT-PCR test in Warsaw before flying or in any other location!

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