10 Things To Do On a Long Flight

10 Things To Do On a Long Flight

While we all love going on a vacation, our journey to the destination is not always full of fun. Especially, when your destination is across the globe.

Before the pandemic struck our lives, taking a flight and stepping out of your mundane routine meant a lot. These days taking a flight is a task and more so if you have a long flight. Flights are majorly associated with PPE kit, COVID-tests, masks and sanitisers.

Even when life was normal - long flights have proven to induce anxiety because you’re made to sit in one position in a closed space for long hours. That is why it’s extremely important that you must keep yourself occupied or entertained while on a flight. Make the best use of your creativity and forethought and gear up for your next long flights.

To help you with that, I have curated a list of 10 things to do on a long flight:

1. Sleep

Sleeping through any situation is perhaps the best remedy. Good sleep also reduces many anxiety-related issues.

Plus, while travelling, we are always short on sleep. Not having a sound sleep for prolonged days can make you feel tired and weary. And certainly, you do not want to feel that way on a vacation.

If you can sleep through your flight there is nothing better than that. It will help your get that much-needed rest plus it will make you feel fresh and energetic. More than this you won’t be looking at your watch continuously to check when your flight will land.

2. Journaling

Journaling is on everyone’s to-do list or the resolution plans that we make every December. But we miserably fail to keep up with it.

Even I am struggling to keep up with this great habit during my routine chores. Long flight gives you a lot of time to be with yourself. Use this time to look within yourself and pen down all your feelings in the journal.

Take my word, once you start to journal, there’s no going back.

3. Meditate

There are many preconceived notions associated with meditation. The biggest one is that you have to sit straight with close eyes and concentrate if you want to meditate.

This is clearly not how meditation is done. You can meditate anywhere and at any time.

All you need to do is close your eyes and slowly slip through your consciousness. You can also download many meditation guides which are available online.

Meditating will not only raise your energies but it will also make you feel light and happy from within. Your travel mood will see an upswing with the positive energies you gain after meditation.

4. Binge Watch

Being prepared for any situation is a part of adulting. You do not want to be at the mercy of the WiFi connection provided on your flight.

Select the most trending show on your favourite OTT platform – download it – binge it through your flight.

5. Play Games

Playing games is one of the most attractive and easy distractions.

You can carry an electronic game if you are travelling alone.

And in case you are travelling with your family you can carry a board game that will keep you all busy, occupied and entertained.

6. Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are the new gamechanger.

There are millions of podcasts available online to suit your likes, hobbies and interests.

It has a wide genre from self-help to comedy to an insight into the political agenda to almost everything.

The best deal with podcasts is that it reduces your screen time. You just need your headphones and you’re all set.

Pro tip: Carry out a thorough research about the topic you want to deep dive in via podcasts before you board on the flight.

7. Read A Book

I love reading and I always try to squeeze in time to read every day. But I am lagging way behind in my reading goals.

Reading a book comes easy to a few people but I’m not one of them. But whenever I’m travelling, I make sure to carry at least one book with me.

Reading not only develops, trains the imagination, enriches speech, improves the ability to empathize and helps to better understand and feel each other. At the same time, reading technical and other non-fiction literature did not give such an effect. Reading also stimulates and develops the brain. Therefore, this is really one of the best ways - things to do on a long flight.

Grab the book you always wanted to read but never had the time on your next long flight.

8. Plan Your Trip

We live in a world where even 24 hours are never enough. How many times has it happened that you book your tickets but fail to plan your trip?

Long flights hours that you otherwise dread are going to save your day. Use this time to intricately plan your current trip, make notes and get things in order.

This way, you’ll know what your travel itinerary looks like and you won’t lose your precious vacay time!

9. Make Connections

Have you ever made friends while travelling with whom you share your most treasured memories?

Human connections are at the centre of our lives. Next time you’re on a long flight, try talking to your neighbour and make new friends.

You will be surprised how flight friendships turn around.

10. Stretch it out

Given the compact space, you do not have much space to move your hands and legs. Plus, sitting in one position can cause muscle pain.

Ensure to get up from your seat and walk around after every 1-2 hours. This will keep your blood circulation normal.

This will be a vital tip if you’re travelling with your parents.

With old age, muscle pain gets worse. Ask your parents to stroll around every hour to avoid any health-related hardships during your trip.

The Takeaway

I hope at least one of the above options is going to save you from dreading your next long flight. Just be mindful of picking up an option that will leave you fresh and not tired at the end of it.

We are all sailing in the same boat emotionally - pretty much frustrated with sitting at home, wearing a mask and not being able to travel or meet our loved ones.

Putting all that in one pocket one cannot deny the continuity of the virus in our lives. Given that please follow all the protocols and have a safe trip!

Shristi is the founder of F and B Recipes
Shristi is the founder of F and B Recipes

Shristi is the founder of F and B Recipes. She enjoys writing about Transitions Counseling. Formerly the Chief Content Officer at Raletta, she is currently working on her second cookbook.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ten activities to stay entertained and comfortable on a long flight?
Activities include reading books or e-books, watching movies or series, listening to music or podcasts, sleeping with a neck pillow, playing games on a tablet or smartphone, doing light stretching or in-seat exercises, journaling or writing, enjoying in-flight meals, planning your trip itinerary, and striking up a conversation with a fellow passenger.

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