Swiss driving licence exchange

Swiss driving licence exchange

You are new in Geneva, have a foreign driver's license, and don't know that you must change it, this article is for you !

As you may know, you have one year to exchange your driver's license for a Swiss one - and this is mandatory if you got a B permit.

For the Geneva's area, you will also need to visit a licensed optician.

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Everything is explained on Geneva's cantonal office website, but if you don't read French, you may want to understand the steps.

Geneva, Switzerland - exchange your foreign driver's license

Swiss driving licence for foreigners

  • Step 1 download, print and fill the form,
  • Step 2 prepare your original driver's license that you will have to exchange,
  • Step 3 get a certificate from a licensed optician he will have to fill some parts of the form you downloaded, visit will cost a fixed price of 20CHF,
  • Step 4 bring a color passport picture,
  • Step 5 bring your residence permit.
Driver's License Application / Foreign Driver's License Exchange form

Swiss international driving license

Take a look at below image to see what you can easily fill, with some hints in blue. Section 4 have to be filled by the optician. I kindly advise you to discuss sections 2, 4 and 5 with him, as they are mostly about health.

Take everything mentioned before with you, and go personally to the driver's licenses office:

Opening hours from Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 4pm,

Localization: Route de Veyrier 86, 1227 Carouge,

Geneva driver's licences office map

To go there: bus lines N°11 and 21, Val d'Arve stop.

Phone: +41 (0)22 388 30 30.

Post address: Case postale 1556, 1227 Carouge.

E-mail: [email protected]

You will then get your Swiss international driver's license after having exchanged it.

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