Geneva apartments for rent

The housing market is very tight in Geneva, as it is in general in Switzerland. You can be sure that any flat you will visit had already seen tenth of potential tenants, and this is true regardless of how the flat looks like.

Apartments for rent in Geneva Switzerland

The housing market is very tight in Geneva, as it is in general in Switzerland. You can be sure that any flat you will visit had already seen tenth of potential tenants, and this is true regardless of how the flat looks like.

As for Geneva, downtown, approximate monthly rents are :

  • 5500CHF for a 6 rooms flat, ~150m², unfurnished,
  • 2000CHF for a two rooms flat,
  • 2000CHF for a furnished 30m² single-room flat,
  • 1300CHF for a furnished room in a shared flat.

Apartment long term rental Geneva Switzerland

These rates may be scaring at first sight, but, on top of it, you will also have to add three rents for the deposit. What is more, for a full flat renting, you will have to sign a renewable one year contract, without any possibility to stop it before the term, otherwise you would have to pay the full balance.

Geneva: Find local activities

So you have to be extremely patient, but also persuasive, in order to find a flat. The points you should insist on are the usual ones : incomes constancy, rapid move, but also, for a shared flat, how often you travel.

This is because the shared flat (or better sublease) are frequently asking to potential flatmates how often they will be away, for example they can even ask you to leave the flat 3 weekends a month.

Anyway, for your search, do not hesitate to use your personal or professional network, and use Internet.

Apartment long term rental Geneva Switzerland

For long term rent, you will find several agencies on a search engine :

- classified advertisements websites for Geneva:

Rents - free classified advertisements
Geneva - Apartments/Flats/Houses/Studios/Bedsits Available
Housing classified advertisements
Free classified advertisements

- housing specialized websites for Geneva:

Housing offers
Geneva housing offers
Appartments to rent

- real estate agencies websites in Geneva:

Real estate agency
Real estate agency

- RSS feeds for Geneva apartments for rent:

Craigsliste Geneva, classified advertisements RSS feed (beware of scam)
Housing classified advertisement RSS feed

Flat sharing Geneva Switzerland

For shared flats, visit and regularly check :

- specialized site on which I highly recommend you to take a subscription (generally, you will find 50+ adverts on it),

Flatsharing classified advertisements

- is an other specialized site, but it seems to have a lowest interest in Geneva (~5/10 adverts at the same time),

Flatsharing classified advertisement

- is the reference for any new comer and expatriate, for personal ads as well as business reviews, but also any type of social activities, got a dedicated forum section,

Housing offers forum

- a dedicated group on CouchSurfing [15], on which adverts are regularly published.

Housing offers on Couchsurfing

Hints to find accommodation in Geneva

Never send money for a reservation before you met the occupant - some people are posting offers asking for some money, and send photos and other false informations.

In each previous links, you can register and receive upcoming offers by email, do not hesitate to do so.

Be dynamic, and call the tenants or people that posted the classifieds when it's possible.

Good luck in your search, you will need it - as well as patience.

Cheap hotel in Geneva Switzerland

It is also possible to stay in hotels in Geneva, either for short or long term, and when staying for longer period of time, it is possible to negotiate a special price with the hotel.

However, the offer is pretty good in Geneva, from bag packing hostels, to luxury palaces through budget hotels and big chains.

What to rent in Geneva Switzerland?

There are many options offered to you to rent a room in Geneva Switzerland, and to find apartments in Geneva Switzerland. See below our selection of the best options for each case:

With all these options, you will surely be able to find the perfect solution for your rent in Geneva Switzerland!

Remember that finding a flat in Geneva might take some time, and it can be difficult to really get something in a precise area, as some of them are extremely busy. Therefore, stay patient in your search.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should renters consider when looking for apartments in Geneva, and how does the rental market in Geneva compare to other major European cities?
Renters should consider factors like location, proximity to public transport, and rental costs. Geneva's rental market is known for high prices and limited availability, making it more competitive compared to other European cities.

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