How To Get A Russian Visa And Go From Moscow To Vladivostok?

Getting a visa to Russia

If you like to travel and have in mind to make a new trip to one of the largest and coldest countries on the planet, you should know everything you will need to be able to cross its borders without too many inconveniences. We are talking about Russia and obtaining its valid visa, something that for many becomes a real problem.

The real drawback of all this procedure is given by the bureaucracy that surrounds it, because in the end to get it you do not need very specific requirements and the price is usual in other type of visa.

The Russian government tends to complicate paperwork too much, especially if you are a European citizen and unfamiliar with your language and rules. To do this, below we will give you a small introduction so that you can get your Russian visa on your own, quickly and easily.

How to get a Russian visa?

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The Russian visa, also referred to as a Russian Invitation Letter, must always be requested from the Russian visa Center which is a company contracted by the Russian embassy itself to process its letters of invitation around the world.Another way to request it is through the travel agency that organizes your trip.

They have direct access to the paperwork and will be able to extend all the paperwork necessary for you to do it quickly. The price of the visa ranges from 60 euros to 113 euros, depending on whether it is of an ordinary or urgent type.


  • Compulsory health insurance
  • Invitation letter or visa support, if it is touristic the hotel where you will stay can provide it.

Types of visa

Russian Tourist visa

The most common and has a maximum duration of 30 days, with the possibility of making up to two entries. Although, there are countries that are allowed to extend their stay up to 90 days with a justifiable cause.

Russian Business visa

The business visa can have a very varied duration: 30, 90, 180 and up to one year. We must always provide valid reasons to stay in the country without problems.

Russian Studies visa

For people who go to long-term studies in the country. You will have a validity of up to five years depending on the type of studies.

Russian Work visa

To be able to work in any region of the Russian territory. Its duration is renewable, we will only have to prove that the contract is still in force.

Russian Private travel visa

This is a visa that is only allowed to make to national individuals who want a family member or acquaintance to travel through the territory of the Russian Federation.

Russian Transit visa

As in other countries, this visa srive to cross the country to take a shipment to another destination and its duration is only a few days, with the possibility of making two tickets.

Go from Moscow to Vladivostok with a Russian visa

Once we enter Russian territory with all our papers, a  valid visa ‌  and passport with required insurance in order, it will be very easy to move within their different regions, either by plane, by train or by bus.

For example, if we land in the capital of Moscow and want to travel to the city of Vladivostok, we can buy an online train ticket that will take us there in about five hours, passing through different transfers and crossing Vladimir and Kurskaia.

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