What Are The Different Types Of Indian Visas And How To Get Them?

If you are a hard traveler and the next destination of your journey through the wide and longest of this world pretends to be India, you must know that in order to enter and stay there for long periods of time you need to have a valid visa.

Getting a visa to India

If you are a hard traveler and the next destination of your journey through the wide and longest of this world pretends to be India, you must know that in order to enter and stay there for long periods of time you need to have a valid visa.

Traveling to India is a must for every self-respecting tourist. This is the most interesting and mysterious country in the world, it gave the world ancient Vedic knowledge, chess and the decimal system, cotton, rice, unique architecture and handicraft traditions.

Holidays in India are especially attractive for lovers of natural beauty - there are magnificent beaches, impressive mountain peaks, tropics, and a diverse flora and fauna.

India: Find local activities

It may seem strange that a country so open to the world, full of so much a mixture of cultures and visual richness, demands a proof of visit to enter to see it. In addition, these Indian visa must have a proven cause to be created, I mean, you will need to provide reliable data about your objective by visiting the country, the duration, your type of stay and when you will intend to leave it.

Procedures to get your Visa in India

As with any other official document, such as the passport or the national identity card, to be able to purchase an Indian visa it will not only be enough to show us at the agency and ask for it. It is necessary to provide a wide prior documentation to be able to carry out your request, below we explain step by step what you will need.

  • 1. First of all we will have to print a copy of the electronic visa solucitude form in PDF format.
  • 2. In order to travel to India, you must have a valid passport. Remember that only if you are a European citizen can you travel unrestricted through European Union member countries, but Asia is outside those parameters.
  • 3. You must provide three card size photos or passport picture where you look good.
  • 4. If you have made the solucitude with the right time and need it overnight, you will also need to provide a copy of your flight reservation so that they can process it urgently.
  • 5. Payment of the corresponding fees according to the type of visa, as there are several types.
  • 6. Fees can only be paid in cash, so we will have to travel to an official office that carries out the formalities manually.
  • 7. Another way to carry out the visa is by postal service. In order to do so, we will have to make a photocopy of the bank deposit of the fees and our passport.

What are the different types of Indian visas and how to get them?

Indian Tourist visa

It is the most common and can last for six months with a price of 50 euros, one year for 80 euros and up to five years with a price of 160 euros.

Indian Business visa

It has a validity of six months for 95 euros, one year for 145 euros, and up to five years for 240 euros.

Indian Worker visa

With a validity of 6 months for 95 euros and one year for 145 euros.

Indian Student visa

If you are going to study you will have to pay 95 euros and you can stay up to a maximum of five years.

Indian Journalist visa

It has a price of 95 euros and a maximum validity of three months

Indian Transit visa

It costs only 25 euros and you can only stay 15 days in the country. Research work priced at 95 euros and with a maximum duration of six months

Keep in mind - Indian visa starts on issue date

Something very important that anyone travelling on a  visa to India   should know that it is the validity of the Indian visa starting from the day it issues, not from the day you enter the country. In addition, once you enter the country with a type of valid visa, it cannot be modified or lengthened for any other reason. Always remember that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main categories of Indian visas available for travelers, and what is the general process for obtaining them?
Main types include tourist, business, medical, and student visas. The general process involves filling out an online application, submitting necessary documents, and possibly attending an interview at an Indian consulate or embassy.

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