How To Get An ESTA Visa To The Usa And Stay Longer Than A Month?

Are you wondering how to get an ESTA visa to the USA and at the same time stay longer than a month? Well continue reading to find out.

An ESTA waiver is is mandatory for all travelers, whether that may be for tourism or business purposes of less than three months or 90 days. Anyone that has the intention or plan to travel to the United States must apply for an ESTA visa. The failure to get an ESTA visa on the day of your travel may prevent entry to the United States or denial at the border.

ESTA meaning: Electronic System for Travel Authorization
Electronic System for Travel Authorization

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How to get an ESTA visa?

Before applying to obtain an ESTA visa, you need to make sure that you are eligible. Only travelers with a valid nationality from eligible countries covered by the Visa waiver program are qualified to apply for a ESTA visa. Travelers must also possess an unexpired passport for eligible countries. Travelers must also have a clean record and not have any criminal records. Travelers must also be free from any contagious diseases. To see the full list of things that make a traveler ineligible, visit the ESTA website for more information.

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Travelers who wish to obtain an ESTA to travel to the United States must apply and fill out the form online.. These form can be found online at the official ESTA online site. The ESTA visa system is ran and operated by the United State's Government and the Department of Homeland Security. For your convenience you can apply for multiple travelers, such as family members, partner, or a group of friends, within one order.

The ESTA visa system

The ESTA visa system also has an online website that allows travelers to fill out their applications online. You need to make sure you fill out every question on the form with accuracy and double check for any errors on all forms. Make sure all the information and data for each traveler is correct and up to date. After checking that everything is good, submit the application and confirm the payment. Payments can by made by card or a bank transfer. The and applications and the status will be emailed to you once the CBP has reached their final decision.

After the data check, your application will soon be processed and you will receive an email verifying your ESTA authorization. A successful ESTA application will only take about 5 minutes to comple, from start to finish.

For those whose English is not their first language and may have difficulty applying for the application. The ESTA will offer multilingual assistance and support via email or by phone.

Delivery of an approved ESTA

Any approved  ESTA visas ‌  will be delivered within 1 hour of submitting the application, via email. Although an ESTA visa application confirmation will be available within a few hours of application, travelers are advised to apply beforehand to make sure no unforeseen accidents from happening. An ESTA visa will be able to last you for two years or whenever a passport expires. Acquiring an ESTA visa will enable you to visit the United States for up to 90 days at a time.

To get your  ESTA visas ‌  valid for two years without having to manage all the administrative tasks alone, use a professional visa service that will assist you during the whole process.

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