Alcatraz Tickets: Book In Advance For A Unique Experience!

If you are spending time in San Francisco, you may be hesitating to visit the Alcatraz Prison. This historical monument is usually something we have heard about in movies, or TV shows, but we never think about it everywhere also.

Should you visit Alcatraz prison?

If you are spending time in San Francisco, you may be hesitating to visit the Alcatraz Prison. This historical monument is usually something we have heard about in movies, or TV shows, but we never think about it everywhere also.

However, is it a physical place right in the middle of the San Francisco bay. An  Alcatraz tour   it is the guarantee to travel in the history, learn about the world’s system in the 19th century.

Indeed, the prison was used between 1868 and 1963, almost a whole century! This makes this place special: full of stories and lessons. We encourage you to buy your Alcatraz tickets to go experience it for yourself.

What's up with Alcatraz now?

San Francisco: Find local activities
San Francisco: Find local activities

Today, Alcatraz is a public museum and one of San Francisco's top tourist attractions, attracting approximately 1.5 million visitors annually. The former prison, now operated by the US National Park Service, is being restored and maintained.

And if you decide to visit these unique places, then we will tell you how to buy cheap tickets to alcatraz.

The Alcatraz prison, a treasure full of history

Buying a ticket is a good investment because you will not only see the prison. Indeed, even if the prison is the icing on the cake of the visit, you will visit it after seeing way more!

First, you will enjoy the San Francisco bay with the little boat trip to get to the island. You will see the Golden Gate from a whole new angle.

Then, you will see the lighthouse, which is the most ancient of the West Coast. Also, the bay’s wildlife is very active, with rare sea birds you can only see here. If you are a history or wildlife lover, it is a good investment to buy a ticket.

Even if you are simply a tourist, you will learn a lot during this tour. Once the boat trip is over, you will land on the prison’s island. You will visit the inside, guided by an audio guide. This audio guide is the perfect balance between freedom and information income.

You can listen to it whenever you want to, while taking pictures when you wish to. Some real testimonies of former prisoners will make you feel like Al Capone is talking to you. This prisoner is the most famous one who was imprisoned on this island.

Important information

Tourists should take the boat to the island at the  San Francisco pier   33. It is close to the Fisherman’s Wharf. Being on time is of course important.

To make sure that you will be there half an hour in advance, do not hesitate to stay in San Francisco business district, which doesn't have to be too expensive with the  cheapest room in San Francisco   for example, which is at walking distance from Alcatraz boarding on Pier 33.

Considering the number of tourists who also want to visit the prison, the boat driver will not wait for you, even if you bought your Alcatraz tickets well in advance.

It is important to arrive at the Pier half an hour before the scheduled departure of your tour - in case seats are available on the previous boat shuttle, you might be able to fill in for the ones that missed their schedule, but, on the contrary, if you are not in the queue on time for boarding (which happens before scheduled departure from the pier), you might loose your opportunity to use your ticket!

To be able to visit the Alcatraz Prison, we advise you to book your tickets as soon as possible, as they are usually sold out a few days in advance. Only one website is able to sell the Alcatraz tickets and it is the official website, as the tickets can only be used with a boat tour, and only one company runs them and has the credentials to park boats on the island.

Time to book your Alcatraz tickets and go!

The Alcatraz Prison is mythical. In 1979, Don Siegal shot Escape from Alcatraz, which is a movie inspired from the true story of three prisoners evading the prison. The evasion of the prison is a myth by itself.

Indeed, even if you can get through security, you still must swim from the island to the coast, which is a two-kilometers long swim. Visiting such a unique place is not an occasion you have every day. It may first seem gloomy to visit a prison, but you should think about it as a unique experience.

To get the best one possible, try to book either an early ALcatraz day tour ticket, which allows you to stay as long as you want until closure, or an AlCatraz night tour ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to book Alcatraz tickets in advance, and what makes a visit to Alcatraz a unique experience for travelers?
Booking in advance is important due to high demand and limited ticket availability. A visit to Alcatraz offers a unique experience with its rich history, infamous inmates' stories, and the island's panoramic views of San Francisco.

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