Walking on Embarcadero center in San Francisco

Walk on Embarcadero center San Francisco

For my first day in San Francisco, I met up with a former CouchSurfer, that now lives in San Francisco, and was working at a walking distance from my cheap hotel in San Francisco downtown.

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Walk from Union Square to Oracle Park

I started by leaving my hotel near Union Square, The Urban, and went down to see Union Square for the first time after my arrival in SFO.

Passing through the center for the first time, I was amazed by how fluid the traffic is, as I was expecting to find only traffic jams and honking cars everywhere. The tramway had a vintage feel, driving amongst recent autobus.

San Francisco: Find local activitiesSan Francisco: Find local activities  

After a short half hour walk, I arrived at the meeting point, and waited for my friend to get out of her office before starting our walk along the Embarcadero at the center in San Francisco, the walk that goes along the piers, and the historical part of San Francisco.

Walk on Embarcadero center in San Francisco

Once my friend arrived, we started our walk along the Embarcadero, first by passing Oracle Park, the baseball park home of the San Francisco Giants, that is playing in Major League Baseball.

Oracle Park | San Francisco Giants - MLB.com
Official San Francisco Giants Website | MLB.com

We started by having a good look at the San Francisco - Oakland Bay bridge, one of the main bridges in San Francisco that carries 260000 vehicles a day.

All along the Embarcadero, outdoors sculptures and other work of arts are visible, and the nice sun makes up for a pretty good day walking along the bay.

The Embarcadero and Ferry building

Arriving at Pier 1, the Embarcadero and Ferry building, we entered that building that hosts several tourist shops, cafes, and bars, to actually have a coffee to drink under the sun.

Inside, the building is like a big indoor market place, but seems to be mostly for tourists, and prices are pretty expensive, as my first coffee in SFO... but I will understand later that prices are high everywhere in San Francisco, and that it wasn't actually cheap.

We get a coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee, a San Francisco based coffee shop originally from Oakland, on the other side of the bridge, which also bakes some waffles and cookies.

Blue Bottle Coffee | Whole Bean and Ground | Essential Brewing Tools‎

We then go out on terrace, from where we have an even better view on the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge, and the bay area in general.

We enjoyed our coffee under a nice sun, on the terrace of the port of San Francisco, before heading back to the walking area.

As it was getting later, the walking part of the Embarcadero was also getting busier, and it was slowly time for my friend to go back to work after our walk - we therefore head back to her office.

On the way, we could also see some seagulls, the first one I'd see on the United States, and there was so many of them!

Gull - Wikipedia

Arriving back at the Oracle park, it was time to say goodbye to my friend, which I haven't seen for about 5 years, and with whom we had a nice walk along the Embarcadero.

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