Funcheapsf - what are free cheap SF things to do?

Going to San Francisco, and having a hard time finding free and cheap SF things to do while there? Don't panic!

Free and cheap SF things to do

Going to San Francisco, and having a hard time finding free and cheap SF things to do while there? Don't panic!

See below our selection of the best free things to do in San Francisco, including some non touristy things to do in San Francisco, and more cheap activities in San Francisco California, and your time there will seem too short and your budget too high.

Walk on embarcadero for free

This literally costs nothing... you can walking around San Francisco city center for free, and one of the most interesting walk to do alone is going alone the Embarcadero, which is the road along the bay.

San Francisco: Find local activities

Simply go there, walk around, enjoy the beautiful sights, the ocean breeze, watch the seagulls, and enjoy your time... for free!

Going North, you'll reach another free destination, Pier39 recreation area.

Visit Pier39 for free

Visiting Pier39 costs nothing, and you'll get from there a good point of view on the Golden Gate bridge, and also on AlCatraz island... if you're lucky enough not to visit on a foggy day.

The place is a recreation area, with some attractions, bars, restaurants, shops, and lot of animation. You can spend some time there without spending a penny!

PIER 39 San Francisco, Restaurants, Attractions, Sea Lions, and shopping

Go on a free walking tour

It is always a good idea to join walking tours wherever you go, to get a local point of view... but the walking tours in San Francisco are pretty amazing, and the quality might be above average for walking tours!

Talking you around the city centers, giving you historical explanations, answering all questions, meeting new people, discovering secret and hidden places... you'll get all that in the SF walking tours.

They are so good that you'll book another one after attended the first!

San Francisco in One Day walking tour
Guided San Francisco tours for free - name your own price
Secrets, Scandals, and Scoundrels free walking tour registration

Join a pub crawl for US$3 beers

Have you ever been on a bar crawl? Have you ever met people playing role games? You'll get all that with the pub & grub crawl, organized by an hostel in the center of SF.

Free to join, all you have to do is be on time, register upon arrival, meet new people, play a fun game, visit different bars around town and get cheap drinks, like US$3 beer and wine, or US$2 shot. That's the definition of a free cheap SF thing to do!

Plus, a prize if you win the game... pretty cool, isn't it?

EVERY SUNDAY at 7:30PM: Murder Mystery Pub & Grub Crawl! Drink, dine and solve crimes

Take a cable car for US$7

A cable car ticket costs US$7, and is one of the must do things when in SF, as the iconic cable cars are probably the most well known attraction in the Bay area.

Tickets must be booked in advance, and for US$7 you get a whole ride on the cable cars, only having to hop on one of them, enjoy the ride... and take care to your belongings! The open cabin won't stop if you lose something.

Cable Car Single Ride tickets fares

Have a beer in Pier39 for US$9

Maybe not the cheapest drink in town, but one of the most affordable, and in a fun area.

If you don't know where to go for a drink, and can't stop comparing prices, simply go to Pier39 recreation area, and visit a bar such as... Beer39 bar.

The venue is good, there is entertainment around, and you will easily meet new people there, without spending too much money... for the area.

Beer 39 at PIER 39, San Francisco, beer tasting on the bay
Beer 39 on Pier 39 in San Francisco

Eat in Chinatown for less than US$20

Eating in San Francisco actually isn't so expensive for America, contrary to the lodging fares, which are highly below US$100 a night for a single room.

There are plenty of options in Chinatown to eat below US$20 a fulfilling meal, it might be hard to choose.

However, with our choice of tested restaurants, you can go without hesitating.

Find the best Chinese food in San Francisco at Grant Place restaurant on 737 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA.

Best Chinese food in San Francisco at Grant Place restaurant on 737 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA on Google map
Grant Place Restaurant Restaurant | 94108 | San Francisco - FREE Chinese delivery

Find the best lunch in San Francisco in Golden Star Vietnamese restaurant at 11 Walter U Lum Pl, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA.

Best lunch in San Francisco in Golden Star Vietnamese restaurant on Google maps
Golden Star Vietnamese | Restaurants in Chinatown, San Francisco

Find the best Dim Sum in San Francisco in Good Mong Kok bakery at 1039 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA.

Best Dim Sum in San Francisco in Good Mong Kok bakery on Google maps
Good Mong Kok Bakery

Visit AlCatraz island for US$39

A little more expensive than the other things to do, but totally worth the trip...

Visiting AlCatraz island, including round trip ferry and audio guided tour, only costs US$39 for an adult on a day trip, which isn't so much considering the quality of the tour.

If you've ever heard about famous American gangsters from the first half of the 20th Century, you'll surely find the visit entertaining.

Book tickets and tour for AlCatraz – AlCatraz Cruises

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What are some free or inexpensive activities in San Francisco that Funcheapsf highlights, and how can these enhance a visit to the city?
Funcheapsf highlights activities like exploring Golden Gate Park, visiting free museums, and attending street festivals. These activities offer budget-friendly ways to enjoy the city’s culture and natural beauty.

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