Is it worth to visit AlCatraz? AlCatraz tour review

Is it worth to visit Al Catraz - Why visit AlCatraz

One of the must do activities in San Francisco, is the visit of AlCatraz, and it is definitely worth to visit. It is a former prison located on an island next to San Francisco city, and used to be the jail of the most dangerous American gangsters. It was famous for being the most secure prison in the world.

There is only one tour of the island, a self-guided tour with an audio guide in several languages, which can be bought on the official website. It includes the ferry round trip ticket to the island from Pier33 and the self guided tour, and there is only one way to go the island.

It is better to plan the tour in advance and book the tickets prior to coming, as the places are limited.

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The alcatraz tickets price for a tour of AlCatraz island including ferry starts at $39.90 for an adult.

However, on our day tour, we could take the earlier ferry, as due to some no-show there has been some extra seats on the ferry, but arriving there it was not possible to buy tickets at the location, as it was already fully booked for the day.

See below a few answers to the most common questions, and our pictures from the tour!

Book tickets and tour for AlCatraz – AlCatraz Cruises

Frequent questions about AlCatraz

  • Where is AlCatraz prison located? Alcatraz prison is situated on an island next to San Francisco, it is accessible by ferry.
  • Where to buy AlCatraz tickets in San Francisco? AlCatraz tickets can be bought online on the official website,
  • Where do you get the ferry to AlCatraz? Where do AlCatraz tours depart from? You get the ferry to Alcatraz on Pier33, that is where the Alcatraz tours start.
  • What is the best AlCatraz tour company? There is only one company doing Alcatraz tours, as it is a government owned and operator tour,
  • What pier go to AlCatraz? Pier 33 - Pier33 goes to Alcatraz.
  • What is AlCatraz in San Francisco? Alcatraz in San Francisco is the former most secure prison in the world, that used to jail the most dangerous American criminals. It is now closed and is a US national park.
  • What is the official AlCatraz tours website? The official AlCatraz tours website is
  • How long is the AlCatraz audio tour? The Alcatraz audio tour takes 1h30min.
  • How long does it take to tour Alcatraz? It take in total about 3hours to tour AlCatraz.
  • How to get Alcatraz tickets if sold out? It might be possible to get extra tickets in case of no-shows on a sold out day, by going to Pier33 and waiting for eventual no shows.
  • How to get tickets for AlCatraz tour? Tickets to AlCatraz tour must be bought online on the official website
  • In which language is the Alcatraz tour available? The Alcatraz audio guided tour is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Korean, and Russian.
Book tickets and tour for AlCatraz – AlCatraz Cruises

Alcatraz tour review

Book tickets and tour for AlCatraz – AlCatraz Cruises
Book tickets and tour for AlCatraz – AlCatraz Cruises

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