What are the products offered in United amenity kit?

The United amenity kit, also called Polaris amenity kit, offers the following contents: A sleeping mask,

What products do United offer in their Polaris amenity kits?

The United amenity kit, also called Polaris amenity kit, offers the following contents:

  • A sleeping mask,
  • A pack of 5 facial tissues,
  • A pair of black and white socks,
  • A pair of earplugs,
  • A small pen,
  • One toothbrush and toothpaste,
  • A small Hand cream,
  • Natural lip balm,
  • Refreshing towel.

All these items are offered to every business class passenger once entering the place, and will be waiting on the seat. We got the kit on our flights from San Francisco to Papeete, after having visited the San Francisco United business lounge.

They are complimentary, and are offered in a convenient travel bag.

Business class United Airlines amenity kit unpacked

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The United amenity kit offered in business class flight comes in a classy and convenient poach bag, that doesn’t take much space, and could even be a good choice to replace a traveller’s toilet kit.

The first item that can be seen is a comfortable sleeping mask, which is perfect to get you to fall asleep more easily in the plane or even at home.

Some facial tissues are also included, which are always handy in many different situations.

A pair of comfortable socks is included, which are especially good to use during the flight for people that are getting cold feet while flying.

Earplugs are included and combined with the sleeping mask will help people that cannot close eyes in a noisy environment to find sleep, even when seating uncomfortably in the plane.

The pen included in the Polaris amenity kit is of a great travel size and can compliment any bag, or replace an existing pen. They always come in handy during travels to fill in immigration forms for example.

The toothbrush offered is rather of low quality, and will only be useful for a very few uses, after what it becomes painful for the gums.

The toothpaste on the contrary is a very good one, and will be useful for many brushes.

The Polaris amenity kit contains an inside amenity kit, which included a natural lip balm, a hand crème, and cleaning towelette.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items are typically included in United Airlines' amenity kits, and how do these products enhance the travel experience for passengers?
United's amenity kits usually include items like skincare products, eye masks, socks, and earplugs. These products enhance the travel experience by providing comfort and convenience, especially on long-haul flights.

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