How is the United lounge SFO international airport?

Having several hours before my flight, and tasting both the breakfast and the lunch at United lounge SFO airport, the lounge was mostly quiet and comfortable, with an acceptable choice of food and drinks.

United lounge SFO international airport

Having several hours before my flight, and tasting both the breakfast and the lunch at United lounge SFO airport, the lounge was mostly quiet and comfortable, with an acceptable choice of food and drinks.

The lounge was easy to find within the SFO international terminal map, there is even several of them within the international terminal.

SFO international terminal map - SFO Airport Map | United Airlines

The lounges, as part of the Star Alliance network, offers access to StarAlliance gold members travelling with a United airlines flight.

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United lounge SFO seating area

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The seating area consists mostly of comfortable sofas, which are spread into 3 different rooms. All sofas have quick access to charging station, which includes US plugs, and USB plugs.

Therefore, international travelers shouldn't forget to bring an adapter with them to use the power plugs.

There are also some high seatings area with more power and USB plugs.

The second main room contains the bar and the eating area as well, with a few tables to seat and put the food.

There has never been a problem to find a free table during my 4 hours there, therefore it is correctly planned for the transit.

In the main room, there is also a large selection of magazines and newspapers, far above the average lounge choice.

United lounge SFO food

The breakfast food was quite good, with a large choice of bread and pastries, which could be topped with butter and jam, for a continental style breakfast.

They also have mineral water dispenser, another one with fruity water, and a last one with different soda and juices, which is also a good opportunity to fill in a empty bottle before starting to travel.

For breakfast, a milk and cereals station was available next to the coffee machines, with all that is needed to serve this kind of drinks.

Still on the food side, an extremely generous selection of fruits, both ready to take and freshly cut, was available, quite uncommon for a business lounge: bananas, apples, melon, grapefruit, and more.

A great way to get some vitamins before a long flight.

Oranges were also available, also ready to take away for a light snack later during travel.

United lounge SFO drinks

On the bar side, and especially for alcoholic drinks, the choice was actually quite poor, with only beer and white wine.

There was no sparkling wine, and no white wine glasses either - therefore making it necessary to serve the white wine in a champagne glass, the only kind of glass available for wine.

The wine selection, Camelot wine from California, wasn't especially great... but as it was the only wine choice available, it did the trick, however that was a disappointement, considering that other United airlines lounges usually have a great complimentary drinks selection, which includes prosecco.

Camelot Wines - Camelot Wines

United lounge SFO access to flights

The walking time from the lounge to most of the gates is pretty short, as the lounge is well located within the airport, it was only a 5 minutes walk for me.

After a great, but short stay, in San Francisco, and before going to Tahiti, French Polynesia, it was a great way to spend a few hours in SFO international airport.

Frequent questions about United lounge SFO

  • Are drinks free in United club? Yes, most drinks are free in United Club lounges, some cocktails might be charged.
  • Can First Class passengers use United club? Yes, first class passengers can use United club.
  • Do you have to fly United to use club pass? You can also access it by flying with a partner airline.
  • Does United club have showers? They do not offer any shower, but the United Polaris lounges have showers.
  • Do United Gold members get club access? Yes, like StarAlliance gold members.
  • Does United club have food? Yes, they do, see above our review of food available in United lounge SFO.
  • How do I get a United club pass? Buy it online with below link.
  • Can I buy a united Club day pass? Yes, you can buy a United Club day pass for US$59 online, see the link below.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities and services does the United Lounge at SFO International Airport offer to its guests?
The lounge typically offers amenities such as comfortable seating areas, a range of food and drink options, Wi-Fi, and shower facilities. It provides a relaxing environment for guests to unwind or work before their flights.

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